What inspires you? I’ve discovered my inspiration in France where each year I’m swept away by the food – from simple dishes to extravagant feasts, the exquisite wines either quaffed from a tumbler or sipped from expensive crystal, endless amazing ingredients and my love of cycling which grows with each pedal stroke as I ride along vineyard paths or follow the route of the Tour de France up Mont Ventoux.

So while I will continue to do the occasional bespoke cooking lesson during my sojourn in France (feel free to contact me if interested), I have decided my true passion is sharing my experiences and discoveries in this magical part of the world.

I love the joie de vivre embraced by the French. I think we could all take a page from their handbook when it comes to sitting back and enjoying life’s small pleasures. Please join me on my adventure and check back often for new articles, recipes, photos and blog posts as I share my latest discoveries.

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October morning mists on the Ventoux from the vineyards of Le Barroux.

October morning mists on the Ventoux from the vineyards of Le Barroux.