Sharing a passion.

The first time I visited Provence over 15 years ago, I fell immediately in love. As the French say, it was a ‘coup de foudre’: a sudden, intense feeling of love. Or in my case, perhaps it was more of a ‘coup de food-re’. Now having lived and worked here over the years, the love affair has only grown stronger.

Provence is blessed with an endless supply of fresh, local produce just aching to be turned into a mouthwatering meal. But it’s not just about the food; it’s a complete sensory experience—the brilliant array of colour woven within the tapestry of the fields filled with sunflowers, grape vines and olive trees; the soothing sound of the cicadas and the church bells ringing just as they have for centuries; the smell of basil and lavender as you wander through the market, carefully selecting beautiful fresh tomatoes that are still warm from the sun.

This website is dedicated to the love of food, wine, cycling, Provence and all those who share in this passion.