Highs, lows and everything in between

This past week has been chock full with all manner of activities and adventures.  There was so much going on I needed a nap from my nap, if you know what I mean. There was hardly a moment to nap, but I sure could have used a few.

The stunning view toward the Ventoux from the perched medieval town of Crestet.

The stunning view toward the Ventoux from the perched medieval town of Crestet.

The weather has been as nutty as the activity, from crazy perfect and warm, to blowing mistral, to torrential nighttime thunderstorms. As such, we needed to plan out the week accordingly trying to fit as much in as possible. This was Jason’s last week here and there was much to be done. We had a number of social engagements we had to fit in, including a couple of dinner parties and some catch up coffees, so we had to get our best “organizational” hats on tight.

One of the most important things on the list was Jason's desire to conquer the Ventoux from all three sides in one day. This is no mean feet, so we had to pick the perfect day for it, and luckily we did. It was truly as though fate had agreed entirely and provided us with a gorgeous blue Provence sky, no wind and a perfect 28-degree temperature. For those who have never cycled up the Ventoux, it’s impossible to comprehend the magnitude of this undertaking. I am cooked after climbing one side; doing it two more times is unthinkable. With over 5000 meters of elevation gain, it’s profound. And so after dropping Jay off in Bédoin where he met up with his friend Stacey I went home to catch up on work and errands while he continued to ride for eight long hours. Of course he did it, and we celebrated with a beer and pizza then a huge pasta dinner. As we were heading home the  breathtaking sunset seemed a fitting end, as though Provence was giving us it’s nod of approval; a brilliant day from beginning to end. Chapeau to Jason for having the perseverance!

The week continued with market trips, more gorgeous bike rides, dinners with friends from around the world, fabulous food and wine, a charming new restaurant find, a visit to Avignon and copious amounts of pastry. Sadly today Jason had to head home, so I have a case of the Provence blues… but the sun has come out, last night’s rain is glistening in the sunshine and the road is beckoning. I will continue to soak up the last glimmers of summer, while missing my favourite person to share this magnificent place with.

Filling up on pastries; Jay and Stacey at the top of Ventoux after the 1st ascent of the day; Jay, Stacey and me on a great ride through Les Gorges de la Nesque, Crestet village; hanging at the Palais des Papes; Jay scaling the Crestet fortress; last beer and ride before heading home.