The last few weeks have been an eclectic mix of heat wave, mistral, rain, a visit with my friend from Ireland, fabulous lunches and a vegetarian cooking class with five women from Australia.


My lovely friend Tara and I enjoyed many great adventures while she was visiting, including an unbelievably delicious all-truffle lunch at Chez Serge in Carpentras. This lunch had truffles in every course, including dessert. I may just have to head back one more time before leaving for the season it was so good... However, my favourite day was spent having a wee spa treatment in Gordes, followed by an afternoon pottering about the historic city of Avignon. 


I am no fashion plate, not even close. But I do like the classics, and we found ourselves at the Tara Jarmon boutique while in Avignon. There, winking at me from the sale rack was a beautiful little dress. I decided, what the heck, why not try it on? The sales woman was literally besotted with me in this dress, I mean, besotted. Stranger still, for a French woman, she asked me right away “Quel sport que vous faites? Velo?” I have never been asked in a high-end fashion boutique what sport I do. What, you might ask, would this have to do with fashion? I was curious myself. Apparently it’s important to wear items that are “très féminin” should a woman do sport. But she said it in the most kind, almost thoughtful way, and by the looks of how fit she was, this was something she truly understood. After all of that, what else could I do but buy the dress, along with a cute pink belt to go with it? Afterward we treated ourselves to a perfect glass of rosé Champagne in the most stunning courtyard. These are just the sort of things that happen when spending a fabulous day with a girlfriend while in Provence.

It’s amazing how simple things, like sunny days, fun moments shared with a good friend, a charming sales woman and a pretty new dress can really make your day.

The truffle menu at Chez Serge in Carpentras. 

The truffle menu at Chez Serge in Carpentras.